Iran to impose sanctions against 15 American companies

Iran to impose sanctions against 15 American companies for what they are “aiding and abetting terrorism”. On Sunday, March 26, according to Tasnim.

The Agency quotes the statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic that restrictions are imposed for supporting terrorism organizations “in response to the new unilateral sanctions of Washington against Iran.”

On March 24, the US imposed sanctions on 30 individuals and legal entities involved in the transfer of key technologies and the sale of weapons to Tehran, Damascus and Pyongyang. The next day it became known that this list includes eight Russian companies.

In September 2015 the American authorities have imposed sanctions against Russian defense companies suspected of activities that violate U.S. law on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons against Iran, North Korea and Syria. Ministries and departments of the United States in this respect ceased to enter into procurement contracts with these companies and provide them with any financial support and assistance.