In Moscow, the protesters called for the punishment of defilers of the monument “the Motherland calls”

The building of the Prosecutor General in Moscow held a picket which participants demanded to punish the people involved in the desecration of the Volgograd monument “the Motherland calls!” On Sunday, March 26, reports

According to the Agency, the action was joined by about 40 people. In hands they held posters with inscriptions “we Demand to protect the memory of the heroism of our people” and “Find and punish the organizers of the protest at the desecration of the monument “the Motherland calls”!”

The reason for the speech was published in the social networks of the collage, which depicts a monument with painted green hands and face. The image with a photo editor created by supporters of opposition activist Alexei Navalny, founder of Fund of fight against corruption (a reference to the incident in Barnaul, when the policy was doused with paint before the opening of the campaign headquarters). On March 23 at the page “Team Bulk Volgograd” in “Vkontakte” appeared the message, which the authors recognized the picture inappropriate.

The next day in the Volgograd offended by the collage people came to the meeting with Navalny supporters. They chanted “Shame!” and then ensued something like a brawl.