Erdogan admitted carrying out in Turkey a referendum on EU membership

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Turkey could be held a popular vote on the continuation of negotiations on the accession to the EU. As reported on Saturday, March 25, NTV, this was stated by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in Antalya.

“After the referendum of 16 April, we can go the way of the referendum on the continuation of negotiations on accession to the EU. Because from 1963 to 2017, Turkey is at the door waiting for”, he said.

The EU and Turkey signed an Association agreement in 1963, in 1987, the country has applied for membership in the Union, but the talks only began in 2005.

7 March 2016 in Brussels between Turkey and the European Union reached an agreement according to which Ankara has pledged to take back all fall to Greece in transit through Turkish territory to refugees. In return, Turkey was promised a visa-free regime with the EU countries, the acceleration of negotiations on integration with the European Union and the allocation of financial assistance to address the migration crisis.

To date, there are 16 out of 35 chapters of the negotiation file of the Contradictions time and again hindered the process of negotiations and led to his suspension. Another aggravation of relations between Turkey and the EU occurred in early March after the authorities of Germany and the Netherlands have banned the representatives of the official Ankara to address the voters of Turkish origin on the eve of the referendum on 16 April.

16 April, Turkey held a referendum in which the citizens propose to approve the amendments to the Constitution. If the majority vote Yes, the country will turn into a presidential Republic. The President will be the Supreme commander, will have control over key posts in the armed forces, will be able to form a government and dissolve Parliament. The post of Prime Minister will be eliminated, the number of parliamentarians will increase.