Began in Bulgaria early parliamentary elections

Began in Bulgaria early parliamentary elections

SOFIA, March 26. /Offset. TASS Igor Lenkin/. Early elections of deputies of the 44-th National Assembly (Parliament) started today in Bulgaria.

At 7:00 (time coincides with Moscow), across the country opened more than 12 thousand polling stations. 371 else the place has in 70 countries around the world. The right to vote has more than 7 million citizens.

In the parliamentary election involved 11 9 parties and coalitions which have registered their candidate and 9 independent candidates.

In accordance with applicable law, voting is mandatory. Assessment of sociological agencies, about 60% of the country’s citizens (about 3.7 million people) today will go to the polls.

The voting will be watched by more than 4 thousand observers. And Aktiebolag staffed seven sociological agencies. The first unofficial results of the vote will be known, when at 20:00 polling stations shut down.

The Central election Commission reminded that the announcement of preliminary results voting is prohibited, violation of this rule may be fined from 2 to 5 thousand BGN (from 1 to €2.5 million).