Trump made a Declaration of love to the Greeks

Trump made a Declaration of love to the Greeks

The US President Donald trump, speaking at a formal White house event in honor of Greek independence Day, admitted in sympathy with the Greeks. It is reported

“Oh, how I love the Greeks. Don’t forget that I’m from new York. There everywhere you see the Greeks. They are everywhere,” joked American leader.

Trump also praised the contribution of chief of staff of the White house Raines of Primus, of Greek origin, calling it “one of the major Greeks in the country,” RIA Novosti reported.

The President added that in the U.S., the independence Day of Greece celebrated for 30 years, this tradition marked the 40th us President Ronald Reagan.

The Greeks, however, were not the first person Donald trump has expressed sympathy. So, in December last year, he confessed his love to the Pakistani people and vowed to help Islamabad to solve the accumulated problems.