Trump called tax reform a new political priority of the United States

Trump called tax reform a new political priority of the United States

Considered to be tax reform simpler health care reform.

WASHINGTON, March 25. /Offset. TASS Dmitry Kirsanov/. Large-scale tax reform will be the next political priority for the current Executive branch of the United States. This was confirmed, speaking to reporters in the White house, the US President Donald trump, representing the Republican party.

Now we will focus on tax reform. We could be doing this in the past, and it would work better if we were able to enlist the support of Democrats. Remember that the support of the Democrats we have not received. So, now we’re going to do tax reform.Donald trump President of the United States

“I would say that we are likely to start very strongly with major reductions in the tax burden, with tax reform. This will be the next (step),” said trump.

Earlier, Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin in an interview with AP news Agency expressed the view that to push through Congress a tax reform Republicans might be easier than a new large-scale transformations in the health insurance system. The attempt of the Republicans to take the House of representatives a bill on a reform of the health system on Friday were not successful. They failed to collect the necessary for approval of this bill the votes of legislators, so the document did not even put to the vote.

“Healthcare is an extremely complex question. In a sense, tax reform is much easier,” says Mnuchin.

He said that since January, when took place the inauguration of trump, coordinated the work of the US administration to draft a law on tax reform. This document will soon be submitted to the legislature, promised the Finance Minister. As he said, the proposed reduction of the tax burden both for individuals and for legal entities will be consolidated into this one bill, to split it into several parts not planned.