The fire at the Kazan gunpowder factory killed one person

The fire at the Kazan gunpowder factory killed one person

KAZAN, 24 Mar — RIA Novosti. The management of Tatarstan Ministry of emergency situations confirmed the death in a fire at the Kazan gunpowder factory of the chief of the guard fire brigade.

On Friday evening of the Republican Ministry of emergency situations has informed on a fire at a gunpowder plant, which originated in 20:27 GMT. Source RIA Novosti reported that one person, according to preliminary data, were killed. According to the latest data of the Agency source in the emergency services, the fire at the plant localized in the area of 400 square meters.

During a fire killed one person – the chief of guard of the special fire Department No. 3 of the special administration of Federal fire service of EMERCOM russiapractically the regional management of emergency departments

He noted that other victims of the fire there.

According to the MOE, killed the commander of the guard of firefighting and rescue part of the Edward Illarionov was the first to fire. “Thanks to the clear and decisive actions of the guard, led by Edward Illarionov, managed to remove the threat of spread of fire and to prevent more negative consequences of the fire in one of shops of the plant”, — said the MOE.

As stated by the Department, showing courage and heroism, Sergeant of the guard when cotton was traumatized, incompatible with life, and died in the ambulance.

Federal enterprise “Kazan state gunpowder plant” is the oldest gunpowder factory in the country. The main products of the plant powder and propellants for small arms, aviation, naval, artillery, tank weapons and systems melee, gunpowder for sporting and hunting ammunition.