Test pilot Stepan Mikoyan died on 95-th year of life

Test pilot Stepan Mikoyan died on 95-th year of life

MOSCOW, 24 Mar — RIA Novosti. Famous test-pilot hero of the Soviet Union Stepan Mikoyan died on Friday in her 95th year of life, reports the press service of the Russian aircraft Corporation (RSK) “MiG”.

Stepan Mikoyan was born 12 July 1922 in Tbilisi (Georgia) in the family of a prominent Soviet statesman and a future Hero of Socialist Labor — Anastas Ivanovich Mikoyan. In 1941 he graduated from the Kachin military aviation school of pilots, and in December of the same year went to the front. During the great Patriotic war as a fighter pilot he fought in the 11th, 32nd guards and the 12th guards fighter aviation regiments.

In 1951, Mikoyan graduated from air force engineering Academy named after Zhukovsky. More than twenty years of experienced military aircraft “MiG”. In 1975, for carrying out state tests of the MiG-25 was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Mikoyan flew until 1978. In total he has mastered more than a hundred types of aircraft.

Mikoyan — winner of Russian Federation government prize for significant contribution to the development of the Russian air force, was awarded the order of Lenin, red banner, Patriotic war 1-St degree, order of red Star and medals, including “For military merit”the Press service of the Russian aircraft Corporation (RSK) “MiG”

“The team of Corporation “MiG” expresses deep condolences to the family and all who knew Stepan Anastasovich. His departure is a loss to the entire domestic aviation. He lived a long and decent life. His name will remain forever in the history of aviation and in our memory”, — noted in press service.