Protection Baghdasaryan will ask Putin to deal with her punishment

Protection Baghdasaryan will ask Putin to deal with her punishment

Protection Mary Baghdasarian intends to ask the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to investigate the situation with the deprivation of its driving licence for life. This was stated to journalists by the lawyer of stritreysery David Kemularia, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

The lawyer said that the Prosecutor’s office is applying a double standard.

Happens when Maru should be punished, she has epilepsy, and when the question was about driving, it turns out she has epilepsy. Then why not abolish mandatory work, people with epilepsy cannot do.David Cellularautomata Mara Baghdasaryan

Kemularia stressed that one of the court’s decision contradicts the other, and the Prosecutor’s office is applying a double standard. “The President and on the Board of the interior Ministry, prosecutors and generally struggles with such actions,” — he explained.

According to him, the protection of stritreysery appeal to the head of state, the attorney General and the Prosecutor of Moscow with the request to assess the situation.

21 March, the court was deprived of life Baghdasaryan driver’s license due to discovered she has epilepsy. The corresponding conclusion of the expert Commission granted the Prosecutor, noting that this diagnosis is 27 June 2016, and no one was refuted. He was also questioned traffic police officers who tried to stop stritreysery on the road 6 January 2017 and who have had to call her an ambulance because preaprations seizure.

Protection insisted on the examination, the father of stritreysery Elmar Baghdasaryan, who attended the meeting, said that his daughter is completely healthy and this is confirmed by numerous surveys.

Information on the diagnosis Baghdasaryan, not allowing to get behind the wheel, admitted to the court during the consideration of cases of fines in December 2016. In addition to the arrest of 24 days and a fine of 183 thousand rubles, she was assigned to 595 hours of compulsory work as a janitor. Later, at the urging of lawyers who reported poor health ward, it was replaced by the paper work.

In February 2017, it turned out that the hospital, which became the basis for the commutation was fake. 10 Mar Baghdasarian was sentenced to a year of compulsory labor for forgery.