Matvienko invited the Chairman of the European Parliament to come to Crimea

Photo: RIA Novosti The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko ready to personally escort the Chairman of the European Parliament (EP) Ulrike Lunacek, if she accepts the invitation to visit the Crimea. The head of the Federation Council said during a conference in Vienna on “security Policy of the OSCE – the view from the side of women.” Earlier in the discussion of the Lunacek expressed harsh criticism against Russia for the alleged facts of oppression of the Tatars after the annexation of Crimea into the Russian Federation. “I thank Madam Deputy Chairman of the European Parliament for its interesting presentation, but allow me to invite you to the Crimea. I’m ready to go with you to get you all saw with our own eyes”, – said Matvienko. “There is a calm, peaceful life”, – said the head of the Federation Council, Recalling that after the reunification of the

The proposed trump project health reform withdrawn from Congress

The proposed trump project health reform withdrawn from Congress Which lasted for several hours, the debate was interrupted. Moscow. March 24. INTERFAX.RU — U.S. President Donald trump withdrew from the Congress its draft of health care reform, intended to replace the health insurance Obamacare, according to CNN. “President trump asked the speaker of the Paul Ryan plan to withdraw the Republicans to repeal and replace Obamacare” — said the TV channel, citing a source. Earlier it became known that in the course of the discussion after a long debate adjourned. As the correspondent of “Interfax”, the debate lasted more than six hours, with a large number of parliamentarians were strongly opposed to reform of Donald trump. Then a break was announced, which caused a rumble of disapproval votes.

Lukashenko has extended visa-free stay in Belarus

Lukashenko has extended visa-free stay in Belarus Belarus may extend the period of visa-free stay in the country for foreigners. About it during communication with the workforce IOOO “Artibella” said the President of Republic Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA has learned. “If it’s not enough five days, we’ll enter a longer period”, — quotes its words Agency. We what is fear? We are an open country, we have an open economy, and people should come here openly is no creditaccount Lucasentertainment Belarus Set in Belarus in January a visa-free regime for citizens of 80 countries for a period not exceeding five days, as said the head of state was introduced, including for attraction of representatives of business communities. So, according to Lukashenko, “the businessman must come, and it will not be long to sit in the country.” “He’s five days are enough. He came and solved their issues, something studied and left.

The robbers emptied shubohranilische Prokhorov in Courchevel

Mikhail Prokhorov The attackers robbed in the French Courchevel the home of Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, took coats total cost of 100 thousand Euro eight thousand Euro in cash. About it reports La Libre. During the robbery the house was occupied by people from the staff. Themselves the raiders remain at large. The crime was committed on the night of March 19. Suspected criminals captured by surveillance camera are two men. The investigation lead the police Courchevel and Albertville. Materials on теме08:51 25 Sep 2015Food in Coursevelocity ski resort for the rich and mere mortals Prokhorov in Courchevel rests on a regular basis. In January 2007 police detained the resort 26 persons, among whom were a Russian billionaire and his 16 companions, in the framework of a criminal investigation about establishment of the international network of prostitution. All the detainees later were released without charges, and in the fall of

Republicans took a vote a bill to repeal Obamacare

Representatives of the Republican party took a vote in the house of representatives a bill to abolish a program of universal health insurance Obamacare. On Friday, March 24, said the President Donald trump The Washington Post. “We just withdrew it (the bill — ed. “Of the”), “—said the American leader. This decision, according to the newspaper, means that the program Obamacare remains in force, and therefore, trump did not fulfill one of his campaign promises. The speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan actually admitted political defeat of his party, said TASS. “We did everything we could. It’s a setback, no question about it, but it’s not the end of history (…). I don’t know how much time we’ll need to (act on health care services — approx. “Of the”), replace”, — he said. Previously on 24 March it was reported that trump filed the Republicans an

Off the coast of Turkey sank a boat with migrants

Inflatable boat carrying illegal migrants sank Friday, March 24 off the coast of Turkey. It is reported by the Hürriyet Daily News. At least 11 people were killed. According to the publication, on Board were 22 people, eight managed to escape. We are searching for another three people. The incident occurred in the Aegean sea near the Turkish resort of Kusadasi. Migrants were sent to the Greek island of Samos. Asylum-seekers from middle Eastern countries are often at sea trying to cross from Turkish territory in one of the nearest EU countries. It is often used untrained for transporting people, boats, small plastic, wooden or inflatable boats. The number of migrants who drowned near the coast of Turkey, hundreds. 7 March 2016 in Brussels between Turkey and the European Union reached an agreement according to which Ankara has pledged to take back all refugees entering into Greece in transit through

In the “Earth Hour” TVzavr you open a free cinema in MEGA Teply Stan

Online video service TVzavr you open a free cinema in the shopping center MEGA Teply Stan, according to a press release, received by “”. On weekends and public holidays visitors can watch the best pictures international and domestic cinema. The cinema will be located in the food court area. The first show will take place on Saturday, 25 March at 18:30. In the framework of the international ecological action “Earth Hour” organized by world wide Fund for nature (WWF), TVzavr will show the film “Deepwater horizon”. The movie is based on real events and tells about one of the most significant environmental disasters of recent time — of the accident on an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. 2017 is the year of ecology in Russia. Within it implements various projects aimed at preserving the environment and involving the community in environmental issues. TVzavr is a large

Rogozin compared the security service and the Gestapo

Dmitry Rogozin Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin compared the working methods of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) with the actions of the Gestapo, the secret state police of the Third Reich, which operated in the years 1933-1945. The corresponding entry he posted on his page in Facebook on Friday, March 24. “In 1941, they have passed the standards of the Gestapo,” wrote Rogozin, commenting on the statement of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the intention to reform the SBU. The national security Council and defense of Ukraine will soon consider the concept of reforming of SBU taking into account the experience of NATO, RIA Novosti reported. It is assumed that the individual functions of the SBU, which is uncharacteristic of classical intelligence, will be gradually transferred to other law enforcement agencies. On 15 February it became known that Poroshenko has replaced the head of the security

In a fire at a gunpowder factory in Kazan killed a firefighter

At a gunpowder factory in Kazan there was a fire that killed a firefighter. On Friday, March 24, reports TASS citing a source in the emergency services of Tatarstan. Information about the fire in the shop of finished products received at the remote duty at about 20:30. The fire area has made about 400 square metres. The fire was rated the third number of complexity. “According to 21:15, the fire is localized,” — said in the regional Department of the emergencies Ministry. The source of “Interfax” has added that at the plant continue to be heard claps, presumably, “exploding the powder product.” “According to preliminary information, the victim — an employee of the fire Department of the enterprise, who participated in extinguishing the fire,” — said the source TASS. In addition, according to “Interfax”, another person hospitalized in a local hospital”. Doctors assess the casualty’s condition as extremely serious. As

There was video of the murder Boronenkov

There was video of the murder Boronenkov The time of the murder in Kiev of former state Duma Deputy, Denis Boronenkov was on video. Recording provided by “RBK-Ukraine” a source in investigating bodies. Kill Boronenkov removed surveillance camera: video March 23 at the Ukrainian interior Ministry said that the crime was recorded on surveillance cameras. “This is a very busy place in the centre of our capital. The intersection is equipped with several cameras. These entries are already taken,” — said the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko in the broadcast channel “Еспресо.TV”. The former legislator was shot dead near the hotel “Premier Palace” from which he came together with his security guard. His bodyguard opened fire on the attackers. Voronenkov has received a bullet in the neck, two in the face, another in the stomach. The killer was wounded in the chest and head, he