North Korea threatened nuclear attack if the US attempts a pre-emptive strike

The attempt of Washington to make a preemptive strike at the DPRK “will lead to catastrophic consequences.” This is stated in the statement of the representative of the National Committee of the people’s Republic for peace, published in North Korean newspaper “Rodong Sinmun”. Extracts from it quoted by the Agency TASS on Saturday, March 25.

In particular, Pyongyang demanded that the United States “to immediately halt targeted against the DPRK military maneuvers and take out nuclear strike means, located on the Korean Peninsula and around it.”

The representative of the Committee noted that, in the case of even the slightest signs of attempts by the United States to make a preemptive strike, “Pyongyang will be subjected to a pre-emptive nuclear attack all the bases of aggression and provocation”.

March 13, Armed forces of the United States and South Korea began regular joint military exercises Key Resolve. In order to verify the possibility of an emergency increase of U.S. troops in the Korean Peninsula.

In parallel with them are the major field maneuvers of Foal Eagle that started on March 1. Participate in all kinds of troops.

Pyongyang described the exercises as preparations for an invasion, while Seoul and Washington say they are purely defensive in nature.

The situation on the Korean Peninsula escalated after Pyongyang successfully completed the testing of ballistic missiles earlier on 12 February. This is not the first case of a show of force by North Korea. In 2016 North Korea has launched more than 20 missiles and conducted two nuclear tests, which violate the resolutions of the UN security Council.