Merkel urged to correct the mistakes of the European Union

Angela Merkel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel admitted that the European Union (EU) has made mistakes, however, it was time to finish unfinished. She stated on Friday, March 24, during his visit to Rome, reports TASS.

“I think that we are not all doing well…Opening external borders, we did not think about their strengthening. Introducing the single currency, we were not prepared for the crisis. But all this we correct now through a banking Union and mechanisms of stabilization,” she said.

While Merkel said that now the EU has a good base in order to finish the job. “Importantly, all this must be done in an atmosphere of solidarity”, — said the politician.

The Chancellor also expressed confidence that the EU will be able to find a single answer to the migration problem when “everyone will contribute according to their possibilities”. “We must ensure such conditions that people did not flee from their own countries to resolve crises such as in Syria, and to do it all together,” added Merkel.

In January, Merkel said that the world is entering a new era in history. “I think that after a quarter-century after the unification of Germany, the end of the Cold war, perhaps, new historical era will be replaced by another,” said the Chancellor. However, she expressed the view that openness will be the solution of such global issues as globalization.

At the end of 2016 published the results of a survey conducted by TNS Emnid for Funke Mediengruppe, according to which the majority of citizens trusts of Germany Angela Merkel. 56 percent of countries expressed the view that it has the power to overcome the difficulties with which the country will face in 2017.

Angela Merkel is a candidate for the post of Prime Minister from the bloc of the Christian democratic Union/Christian social Union (CDU/CSU). Elections to the Bundestag will take place on 24 September 2017. In case of victory she would become Chancellor of Germany for the fourth time in a row. Merkel is head of the German Cabinet since 2005.