Internet users puzzled by a snake with two heads

Internet users puzzled by a snake with two heads

A resident of Argentina is found in his garden a mysterious creature similar to a snake, which instead of a tail grows another head. Posted in the “Facebook” image of the creature was puzzled by Internet users who could not understand what they are doing.

Luhan Eroles living in the city of Santa Fe, was so surprised by what he saw, immediately called for help from his friends. Found her being a length of about 10 centimeters is more reminiscent of what a snake with two heads, reports the Daily Mail.

The woman, who decided that he had found some kind of animal-mutant, has posted photos and video of findings in the “Facebook”, referring to Network users for clarification. Online not long in coming to different conclusions about what you saw.

“Anybody can tell me what it is??? There are two heads, three eyes and strange skin”

Some 3,000 users have commented on the post Roles, felt that it was the severed head of the Viper. Others suggested that it’s just snake with a disability. However, most agree that the creature is a large caterpillar of an elephant hawk-moth. These caterpillars, which length can reach several centimeters, live in rural areas, forests and urban gardens. On their backs are usually located spots in the eyes that scare away predators.