In Moscow announced a plan “Interception” for the kidnapper coffee cans

Police arrested a suspect in the kidnapping of the coffee cans from the store in the North-East of Moscow. To catch the suspect on March 23 in the city was declared the plan “Interception”, informs television channel “360”.

In the evening five cars of traffic police surrounded the car with the alleged perpetrator at the intersection near the metro station “Babushkinskaya”. In the car were two people. Arrested both.

In a capital Central Board of the Ministry of interior said that the police called the security guard the grocery store. He said that the buyer openly stole a jar of coffee and disappeared on the car.

The machine quickly found, the suspect — driver — denies any wrongdoing.

In many valued caused to store the damage is not specified.

Video: Channel 360

“Interception” plan, which is administered when law enforcement officers need to find the car involved in the crime. This is the operational group that coordinates all actions in the search area.

According to the expert “”, in this case, the police could enter “Interception” for the sake of training the guards. The specialist explained that the damage from actions of the malefactor may not be so great that it was necessary to use considerable force. The plan “Interception” is declared, for example, if there was a theft of the vehicle or if the driver hit a pedestrian and left. However, in the event of theft banks coffee the security forces have this right.