In a fire at a gunpowder factory in Kazan killed a firefighter

At a gunpowder factory in Kazan there was a fire that killed a firefighter. On Friday, March 24, reports TASS citing a source in the emergency services of Tatarstan.

Information about the fire in the shop of finished products received at the remote duty at about 20:30. The fire area has made about 400 square metres. The fire was rated the third number of complexity.

“According to 21:15, the fire is localized,” — said in the regional Department of the emergencies Ministry. The source of “Interfax” has added that at the plant continue to be heard claps, presumably, “exploding the powder product.”

“According to preliminary information, the victim — an employee of the fire Department of the enterprise, who participated in extinguishing the fire,” — said the source TASS. In addition, according to “Interfax”, another person hospitalized in a local hospital”. Doctors assess the casualty’s condition as extremely serious.

As the causes of the fire are several versions. “Including a short circuit at the facility, as well as the human factor in the form of non-observance of rules of safe production and storage conditions of the produced products,” — said the source.