Ethics commissions are allowed to straighten deputies

Otari Arshba

The state Duma approved amendments to the regulations authorizing the Commission on questions of Deputy ethics to make comments on the parliamentarians. About it the correspondent “” on Friday, March 24.

The adoption of the corresponding resolution voted by 421 deputies, against — two.

The head of the Committee Otari Arshba said that we are talking about the possibility to specify the choice on the inadmissibility of violation of ethics.

MP from the Communist party Alexey Chicken questioned the need for such measures. “Threaten with a finger — it changes to the regulations are introduced?” he asked.

Arshba said that the Commission received more than ten statements with respect to the MPs who did not formally violate the rules, but behave unethically. “In particular, one of your colleagues responded to the statement that he did not like it and that it stops communication in the epistolary and conversational genre. What we can do about this to say? Nothing. But we can recommend a colleague that he met the applicant more carefully,” — said the Deputy.

“And wagged his finger we can elsewhere, not in the Duma, not only a finger,” — said Arshba. For this remark he made the remark to United Russia, Mikhail Kuzmin: “you can’t use those jokes to throw around”.

A resolution on the extension of the powers of the ethics Commission was submitted to the state Duma on March 20. The document notes that it will enter into force on the date of its adoption.

On March 15 the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky led out of the hall all the representatives of his faction after Sergei Neverov urged the ethics Commission to investigate his statements. In particular, Zhirinovsky said that candidates from his party in the Moscow region in the course of the election campaign was under pressure, and then promised that “we will enter the Kremlin” as President will be “shot and hanged” opponents.