Vice-speaker of the state Duma has compared the modern European Union with the late Soviet Union

Peter Tolstoy

© Artyom Korotayev/TASS

MOSCOW, March 24. /TASS/. Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy compared the modern the European Union with the Soviet Union of the late period and expressed confidence that EU policy has no future. The MP is on a visit to Belgrade, where he participated in memorial events dedicated to the victims of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia.

“The European Union today is similar to the late Soviet time when no decision was impossible to make when the bureaucracy did not consider any national interests. And how it ended, we know”, – quotes the words of the policy, his press-service.

“Of course, we do not wish our European neighbors, such a fate, but we must not fall into euphoria from the fact that they can offer to other Nations some kind of dream,” he advised. According to Tolstoy, “is more than a consumer society and protection of the LGBT community, they are nothing new offered to the world.”

Russia, according to Tolstoy, therefore, became the “enemy of the collective West,” which offers an alternative to Western civilization, an alternative system of values. “And we do it with respect for international law. It annoys them. What is happening in Syria, what is happening in Ukraine, is perceived very painful,” – stated the Deputy Chairman of the state Duma.

“But Russia is returning to the world stage, and they will have to live with it,” – said Tolstoy. Moreover, the West will have to reconsider its attitude to Russia, he said. “Even the statements of the (President Donald) trump that any state has the right to act in accordance with their interests, without going on about someone, this is a big breakthrough that globalist thinking which was typical of the Clintons, Obama and so on”, – concluded the Russian parliamentarian.

March 24 marks 18 years since the beginning of the NATO operation against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. During the operation, which lasted 78 days, aircraft of NATO countries made 38 thousand sorties, over 10 thousand of them had the objective of bombing. It was released 3 thousand cruise missiles and dropped about 80 thousand tons of bombs, including cluster bombs and depleted uranium, in the operation involved about 1 thousand. As a result of the bombing, according to Serbian sources, died from 3.5 thousand to 4 thousand people, injured about 10 thousand people, two thirds of whom were civilians. Material damage amounted to $100 billion.