Tourists are told of the treacherous techniques of scams in different cities

Tourists are told of the treacherous techniques of scams in different cities

Not all trips go smoothly: in the wrong reality, the tourists are faced with fraud and robbery. About “technology” scams in different countries, the victims said in the online discussion.

Often work two thieves: one distracts while the other either steals. For example, a sacrifice throw of bird guano, and then someone offers a towel to help. In the chaos, the victim loses his wallet.

One experienced traveler shared his experience from Sao Paulo (Brazil):

I stopped at a stall with street food, and while I ate the sandwich, is next formed man and woman. Latest knocked over his plate at me, grabbed a handkerchief and started wiping my shirt with the ketchup, being so close, I even protested. While I was distracted by her, her companion took my wallet

Another hiker shared the opposite way robbery where the thieves forced the traveler to help someone of them. For example, the victim was sitting on a bench with a backpack. The robber passes by and accidentally drops the keys. Vigilant tourist runs to give the keys to the owner, leaving the backpack unattended. This technique is often successful, as we all seek to be heroes and do good.

Another common fraud scenario is “speculation on greed” when tourists are offered a deal that’s too good to be true. This can be a free ticket to the show or decoration of bags accidentally found that tourists impose as a gift. While he argues with the giver, the purse goes from the bag in the company of the second thief.

The tourist who has visited Rio de Janeiro, spoke about the case in a crowded bus: “I heard the sound of spilled stuff, and people standing next to me, squatted down and very firmly grabbed my ankle. I tried to get rid of him, but he held tight, as if it depended on his life. I got angry and shouted at him. And suddenly he left my leg and got so that I couldn’t see his face. I was so glad that he abandoned me, he did not notice how lost all his money.”

Thieves can be in hotels. In the hustle and bustle of registration, which generally coincides with the time of departure, the tourists are not too vigilant, so that robbers can profit from other people’s Luggage, pretend to be hotel employees.

Even more dangerous area of slot machines. A policeman involved in the discussion described how some “earn your winnings”. For example, women put their handbags and clutches between the two machines, when I sit down to play. One has only to distract the woman fallen coins or spilled drink, to take possession of her property.

Rob maybe casual friendship. For example,

a group of Chinese trying to take pictures and asking other tourists for help, lure them to an expensive tea house, where the victim is overpaid for treats. Part of the get money girls-barkers.

Tourist from Bali, told how he stumbled on the fraud in the exchange: “there were two of Us, and we carefully watched as the guy counted the money on a special machine. After returning home, I counted it myself and was surprised to find that part of the cash was gone. I was deceived.” One of the waiters told them that such counters allow scammers to pick up some cash. The fraud was discovered and the tourists were able to get their money back, reports The Daily Mail.

A common method of fraud is the imposition of Souvenirs that nobody needs. In Paris booming “pink fraud”, when your companion gets a “free” rose, for what you bought some sort of trinket.

In any city it is better to remain vigilant, even when it seems that absolutely no troubles can occur. Admire the architecture, but stay alert: you might notice a thief, and so we have to give him a chance to deceive you.