The student found an error in NASA’s data

The student found an error in NASA’s data

MOSCOW, 23 Mar — RIA Novosti. Student from the UK pointed out to NASA for error in the readings of the radiation sensors on ISS, informs Bi-bi-si.

17-year-old school student in Sheffield miles Soloman participated in the educational program TimPix. This project offers British students the opportunity to work with the data obtained on the ISS. “We send a lot of data tables, and, in fact, to deal with them much more interesting than it looks,” said miles radio Bi-bi-si.

One day, checking the table of radiation sensors, miles found in one of the cells number -1. The student immediately came to mind that the energy cannot have a negative value, so he and his physics teacher reported error NASA.

It turned out that the wrong algorithm was recorded thus the absence of fixed radiation sensors, and even NASA for a long time did not pay attention to this error, writes Bi-bi-si. NASA admitted that he had noticed such statements before, but I believe that this happens one or two times a year, while miles was noticed that incorrect data is recorded several times a day.

The Agency thanked the student for helping. “However, my friends consider me a “nerd”,” miles complained, saying that he would like to work with NASA.