The police of Latvia in the beginning of the test due to the presence of the flag of Russia in the car of an employee


Ints Kalnins / Reuters

The state police of Latvia began an official probe on the basis of allegations that the car was a personal vehicle of a senior inspector ziemeļu area of Riga regional police Department spotted the flag of Russia. About it reports Delfi.

As has explained a press-Secretary of popolizio DIRIS Anuchin, according to the internal regulations, a permit issued by the interior Ministry, can be placed in a conspicuous place if the car is parked for work purposes near the buildings of the interior Ministry. In this regard, the review should establish where the car was parked a police officer in that moment, when she was photographed.

It will also set whether the presence of symbols of another state in the passenger compartment of the police a violation of the ethical requirements imposed by officials of the state.

Earlier this week, in social networks appeared a photo, which shows the personal car of an employee of the police, on glass which is attached to the resolution of the Ministry of interior, and the marked ribbon with the Russian tricolor.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Latvia Richard Kozlowski expressed regret in connection with this case and confirmed that he had discussed it with the head of popolizio ints with Cutecom, reports RIA Novosti.

The Department also indicated that it will accept the complaint for placement in the car flag of any other state, if it is received.