The Japanese have made a wall calendar out of e-paper

The Japanese have made a wall calendar out of e-paper

Japanese designer Tsuboi KOs created synchronized with your smartphone’s calendar on the basis of electronic paper.

Briefly about the project, tells The Verge.

In recent years, with the widespread use of smartphones, many people are accustomed to using online calendars to plan your time. Despite the platform independence and the ability to set reminders for upcoming events this calendar has one obvious disadvantage compared to traditional paper calendar — see the online calendar is not always convenient (for example, when talking on a mobile phone). Thus, when planning, for example, a business meeting, the user can forget about any event that is scheduled at this time.

In the project Magic Calendar Spit Tsuboi using color e-paper combined online Google calendar with the traditional wall format. According to a brief published information, calendar connects to the server and if the user adds an event through the app on the mobile phone, it immediately appears on a wall calendar. Other details about the device are not reported.

The calendar prototype was demonstrated in Japan last month, the plans of the developers to use the display with higher resolution and also the authors of the project consider the option of a desktop calendar. No dates or information about a possible commercial implementation of the project are not reported.

By itself, the electronic paper is not fundamentally new technology and use long enough — for example, in the production of electronic books. Sometimes this technology is used in unusual projects, where low power consumption is important and not critical high frequency of information updates on the screen. For example, electronic paper has replaced the yellow stickers office in Sydney has installed road signs with electronic paper, electronic ink used in the keyboard and even sneakers.

Nikolai Vorontsov