The CPS was outraged offered to play “truth or dare” gum

In the CPS criticized the promotion of chewing gum Five, in which he offered to play a game of “truth or dare”. About it reports TASS.

“A complete disgrace. We diligently oppose such dissemination. But it should be noted that the manufacturer now performs the products of [the implementation],” said the Minister Anna Popova.

Earlier, presidential Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova asked the CPS to conduct an examination of chewing gum with potentially dangerous jobs on the wrapper.

March 20, due to consumer complaints, the Wrigley company decided to withdraw from the sale of chewing gum Five. Was also discontinued campaign to promote the product “Truth or dare”.

Advertising campaign “Truth or dare” for two months, began in January of 2017. Consumers were offered more than 900 different jobs and issues a report on the implementation which had to be published in social networks under the hashtag #5правдаилидействие. In particular, it was proposed to climb to the highest point in a public place and take a selfie or think about what you need to do before you die.

Complaints about the promotion of “Truth or dare” appeared after the advent of mass media publications about popular among teenagers suicidal game “Blue whale”, taking place in social networks. It was alleged that the students were asked to complete a number of assignments and to photograph the result. The final player was allegedly forced to commit suicide.