Parrots-addicts ate the crop of Indian opium

Parrots-addicts ate the crop of Indian opium

Parrots destroyed up to ten percent of the harvest of Indian opium. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

Birds got into the habit to steal opium a few years ago. They wait until the farmers cut the head of the Mac, then silently swoop down and peck resulting resinous substance.

After eating, parrots fall asleep for a few hours. In this state, they can fall from the tree or become easy prey for predators.

Farmers from the Indian state of Rajasthan is not the first fight with this problem. Lately the birds have started showing a love for opium and other regions of India.

Usually parrots are noisy when going in flocks. But these birds have become so cunning that make no sound when planning on the field. We tried to keep them in check in all possible ways, but these addicts come back, despite the risk to jessicabihar Ratod (Sobharama Rathos)a farmer from the state of Madhya Pradesh

India grows opium poppies for the manufacture of drugs. Legal production of opium is strictly controlled by state authorities. Due to the fall crop, farmers risk losing the license.

To obtain a narcotic substance, the head of each flower is cut by hand. After several hours, the farmers return and scraped with the thickened fruit juice.