Juncker estimated the cost of Brexit

Jean-Claude Juncker

As a result of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, London will have to pay about 50 billion pounds. The amount said the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in an interview with BBC News.

However, he noted that the exact amount will be determined by the financiers. Juncker stressed that the British government will not be able to refuse payment.

“The British government and Parliament as a member of the EU has assumed certain obligations, and they must be done,” said Juncker, adding that it is “neither punishment nor sanctions against the UK.”

He also said that the fate of four and a half million EU citizens living in the United Kingdom and British subjects residing in the EU may not be negotiable. “We are not talking about negotiations. We are talking about human dignity,” — said the President of the European Commission.

In late February, Chancellor of Austria, Christian Kern estimated the cost of Brexit 60 billion dollars. This amount consists of already undertaken by the London long-term financial obligations, including pension contributions, working in the European Union to the British. Financial requirements the UK supported, and Germany.

Lawyers for the British government have repeatedly stated that I see no reason to pay this amount. Members of the Cabinet of Ministers, according to The Telegraph, they intend to restrict the payment of 3 billion pounds.

A referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the EU was held on 23 June 2016. More than half of the respondents voted for Brexit. The law allowing the Prime Minister Theresa may to begin the process of a British exit from the EU, was approved by Parliament on 14 March and two days later signed by Queen Elizabeth II.