FOM: 78% of Russians consider themselves patriots

FOM: 78% of Russians consider themselves patriots

The survey of Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) showed that 78% of Russians consider themselves patriots. Thus, depending on the level of education indicators of change.

Among respondents who received secondary General education or lower, only 69% consider themselves patriots, while among those with higher education their 87%.

On the question of which actions show patriotism, about 8% said that it is manifested in the willingness to serve in the army, to defend Russia, 6% believe that the reluctance to leave the country, 5% in support of the current President Vladimir Putin, love of country and active citizenship.

Among other options were: conscientious work for the benefit of the state, charity, interest in what is happening in the country events, the participation in the elections, the willingness to endure hardship, domestic support, etc. While 42% of respondents could not answer the question.

The survey showed that 29% of citizens indicate an increase of Patriotic sentiments among Russians in recent years. About the same — 20% — hold the opposite opinion.

A greater degree of patriotism characteristic of the elderly, said 40% of the respondents, 28% said that it is characteristic of middle-aged people

Also 52% of Russians called a special Patriotic education strong that people become patriots, 41% believe that it is not so important. However, 34% of respondents believe that to call yourself a patriot — ugly, 60% — do not see anything wrong in it.