Fillon accused the President of abuse of power

Francois Fillon

The candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon accused President Francois Hollande that he is abusing their position, contributes to incriminating leaks to prevent his election. About it reports Reuters.

Fillon, in particular, pointed to the fact that the government-controlled Newspapers received the documents 48 hours after their seizure during the search in his office in the National Assembly. “Who gives them these documents?” — it asked a question.

When Fillon asked who, in his opinion, is responsible for this — these or those politicians or the justice system, the candidate said: “I will go much further, I blame the President of the Republic.”

In response, the Elysee Palace stated that Hollande “the most severe condemnation of the false accusations of the Fillon”. “The Executive has never interfered in any judicial process and was always committed to the strict independence of the judiciary”, — said in a statement.

In addition, Fillon demanded investigation of allegations which, according to him, are contained in a forthcoming book, two journalists. According to them, the President regularly transmitted the information on telephone conversations that were of interest to Hollande’s policy.

Against the Fillon on March 14 was opened a formal investigation in connection with the bogus employment of his wife and children. Three days later it became known that investigators are interested in the origin of several magnificent costumes, the purchase of which was paid for by an anonymous friend of Fillon.