Diary of Kennedy’s praise of Hitler auctioned

Diary of Kennedy’s praise of Hitler auctioned

Diary of the 35th U.S. President John F. Kennedy, which he led in his younger years and in which he expressed admiration for Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, offered at auction in Boston.

In his notes, made in 1945, 28-year-old Kennedy claims that Hitler “will escape from the surrounding of hate today as one of the most significant figures in history.”

“It was the stuff from which legends are made,” wrote the future President.

As noted in the record, the leader of Nazi Germany was “boundless ambitions for his country, which he perceived as a threat to peace.”

According to young Kennedy, the life and death of Hitler was surrounded by mysteries that “will live and grow after him.”

These entries appeared in the journal after Kennedy visited the tea house of Hitler “Kehlsteinhaus” in Bavaria a few months after the death of the Nazi leader.

At the time, Kennedy traveled to Europe as a journalist after completing his military service in the Pacific.

The diary will be sold at auction in Boston on April 26. As expected, the price of the lot amounts to about 200 thousand dollars

Previously, the diary belonged to Deirdre Henderson, who worked as the assistant to Kennedy when he was a Senator.

Itself Henderson noted that in their diaries Kennedy said, “about the mystery surrounding him (Hitler) and not to the evil which he showed to the world.”

According to her, in the diary there is not the slightest expression of sympathy for the Nazi criminals.