Deputies of the state of new York go to Russia in order to strengthen interregional ties


RIA Novosti

A group of deputies of the legislative Assembly of the state of new York plans this fall to visit the Russian cities to establish and strengthen interregional ties and business contacts, as well as to improve their Russian-speaking voters living in the United States. On Wednesday said in an interview with TASS Deputy Chairman of the coordination Council of Russian compatriots of the USA (XORS), President of the Russian-American Heritage center (RAKSI) Olga Zatsepina.

According to her, the group, organized by the Assembly member of the state Assembly Luis Sepulveda, will consist of approximately 25 people. “These officials personally would like to see Russia, to understand the current situation of bilateral relations, find partners for cooperation, – said Zatsepina. – They hope to personal experience to better understand the interests of Russian-speaking voters to respond correctly to their needs and requests.” The deputies also wish to meet with representatives of regional and municipal authorities.

According to Olga Zatsepina, such public diplomacy can bring many benefits to both parties. “Legislators would consider the possibility of creating various business projects between new York and the Russian regions and enterprises, to try to intensify contacts at the level of regional governments and parliaments,” she said. According to her, the government of Moscow, Tatarstan and other Russian regions have already expressed their willingness to hold a similar meeting with the American MPs.

“It is noteworthy that this is a private initiative of some members of the Senate and Assembly of the state, therefore, even to pay a future visit, the officials are not from the budget, and personally, from their own pockets”, she added. Thus, the deputies responded to by the Russian compatriot organizations working to in politics and social sphere of the States as often as possible and actively take into account the interests of Russian-speaking residents. “I think this is a real example of people’s diplomacy, – said Olga Zatsepina. – Despite what is happening in the higher echelons of power, in politics, the cooperation continues in the field of science, space, and culture that is necessary to maintain and develop”.

Zatsepina recalled that in April for the sixth consecutive year the event will start within the Month of Russian-American history. “This demonstrates recognition of the significant role of Russian Americans in new York and the country as a whole,” she said.