“Communists of Russia” called for the return into the everyday life of Soviet passports

Maxim Suraykin

“Communists of Russia” took the initiative to return the passports of the Soviet sample into the legal field of Russia. Appropriate treatment the party sent to the Ministry of internal Affairs, reported on the website of the movement Thursday, March 23.

“The party “Communists of Russia” proposes to restore the legitimacy of the Soviet passports in the hands of the population, they only need to put a note that the document is valid, and also to resume the production of Soviet passports. Let the citizen when he gets a passport or changes chooses the passport of the sample he wants to have,” said the movement’s leader Maxim suraykin.

In his opinion, the decision to return Soviet passports will be paying tribute to the Russians. “If the decision on granting the Russian citizenship to all those born in the Soviet Union, such people should have full right to use and Soviet passports, and newly issued passports of the Soviet sample!” — the Communist added.

On 20 March, the participants of the parliamentary hearings in the state Duma of the policy in respect of compatriots advocated the indefinite extension of the provisions of the law authorizing the to issue Russian passports to former Soviet citizens in a simplified manner. In December last year was extended until 2020.

Passports issued in the Soviet Union, ceased to be valid in Russia in 2002.