Cold weather with snow will last in Moscow until the end of March

Cold weather with snow will last in Moscow until the end of March

MOSCOW, 24 Mar — RIA Novosti. In the capital region this coming weekend is cold with precipitation in the form of rain and snow, this weather will last until the end of the month, RIA news weather center “Phobos”.

“Now Moscow cold atmospheric front, so the sky has tightened clouds. In the second part of the day it starts raining, and late in the evening he sometimes will go in charges of wet snow. The temperature today will have time to climb up to +5… +7 degrees. The night with the arrival of the rear of the cyclone will enter the Arctic air, mixed precipitation will move in charges of snow, colder in Moscow to -1… -3 degrees and 0… -5 degrees on the field. At this temperature, the rainfall will turn into ice,” — said the expert of the center.

Moscow, 24 metaprograms 14 days to+8°h-1°Night clearForecast for 14 days

According to the “Phobos”, on Saturday places will be a little rain, from-for clouds the sun will come out, and metropolis will be in the “bag” of cold, the temperature will return to frameworks of climatic norm. In Moscow +2… +4 degrees, and from 0 to 5 degrees in the suburbs. Sunday will be unaffected by the influence of Scandinavian anticyclone, making a little still. The influx of solar heat will increase. The night will be -2… -4 degrees, but the day is Sunny and without precipitation and 4-6 degrees Celsius.

Moscow, 25 metaprograms 14 days+2°Afternoon snow-2°Night cloudyForecast for 14 days

“On Monday, March 27, when Moscow needs to advance climate spring, weather will worsen. A cold front will bring powerful clouds, continuous precipitation as rain, rolling in wet snow, icing phenomena and strong wind. This weather will continue until the end of the month”, — concluded the forecaster.

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