Austria double the payouts for repatriating migrants

Wolfgang Sobotka

The Austrian authorities doubled the payout in the country for migrants who are willing to voluntarily return to their homeland. It is reported by Kurier.

As stated by the Minister of internal Affairs Wolfgang Sobotka (Sobotka Wolfgang), the first thousand asylum-seekers, who decided to leave, will receive one thousand dollars. In addition, the Austrian authorities promise to organize transportation of residents of middle Eastern countries.

The interior Ministry said that inhabitants of the Balkan countries should not rely on payments.

Sobotka noted that by 2019 Austria can leave about 50 thousand workers. In 2016, the country has left 10.7 thousand asylum seekers, of which 5.8 thousand people left voluntarily, the newspaper notes.

In 2015, the EU broke out the most serious since the Second world war the migration crisis caused by the influx of refugees. In Europe arrived more than a million immigrants from countries in the Middle East and North Africa.