The Russians spoke about the failed attempts to get a job

The Russians spoke about the failed attempts to get a job

Russian Facebook users staged a flash mob, in which he shared stories about failed attempts to get a job.

The action network has launched an employee of the Agency Great Artem Kudryavtsev, who first spoke about his failure and called on users to share their own experiences in the posts with the hashtag #Bananewala.

In response, users of social networks began to complain about employers who, for one reason or another refused to take them to work. “Pozner, Vladimir Vladimirovich took me to the First channel. Andrey Reznikov took to Radio Record, because Michael Fires didn’t send the test task”, — said one of them.

Many gave thanks Kudryavtseva for the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting stories and called a flash mob most of the saving that has ever been on Facebook. “Real life on the front window, Oh, my God, happiness is what. And then you read Facebook, all beautiful, successful, go through life easily, and really do not understand how you, such a lack of talent, more land generally does,” praised the action of Svetlana Permyakova.

Some began to criticize #Mananitas, noting that Kudryavtsev has opened “a branch of hell whiners”.

“Artem Kudryavtsev, why not? Well, the whole tape is now littered with missed and negatie”, — said the other.

In late February, users have launched an unusual flash mob, which began to set fire to cheese and to check the quality of dairy products. Photos, posts and videos with the results of the experiments were published in social networks and on YouTube.