The Prime Ministers of Italy and Japan discussed relations with Russia


RIA Novosti

Relations with Russia become one of the topics of the talks between the heads of the governments of Italy and Japan Paolo Gentiloni and Shinzo Abe. The Prime Ministers of both countries said at a joint press conference after a meeting held on Tuesday in the Italian capital meeting.

“Among the current topics of geopolitics, we discussed relations with Russia, which along with the policy of sanctions, it is necessary to make steps forward in strengthening the dialogue,” he said.

In addition Gentiloni and Abe discussed the agenda of the upcoming summit of the group of seven, which will be held in late may in Taormina (Sicily). In particular, the two heads of government spoke out against the policies of protectionism. “We hope that “seven” will give a clear signal and will emphasize the importance of preserving freedom in international trade,” said Italian Prime Minister. He also expressed hope that soon the EU and Japan can reach agreement on free trade.

“Against the backdrop of a growing trend towards increased protectionism that comes from USA, we should support free trade. It is imperative that our negotiations with the EU ended as quickly as possible by achieving the most complete and extensive free trade agreements,” said for his part, Abe.

The Prime Ministers also noted that Rome and Tokyo intend to increase bilateral cooperation in the field of security and defense.