Putin Lavrov gave works Tyutchev, 1913 edition

Putin Lavrov gave works Tyutchev, 1913 edition

A gift to the Minister was made in the Kremlin on March 22.

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov works Tyutchev, 1913 edition.

Such a gift he made at the beginning of the meeting of the Commission on military-technical cooperation (VTS) Russia with foreign States. The event takes place March 22 in the Kremlin.

This meeting was the first in 2017. The event is planned to define the basic parameters of work for 2017-2019.

Earlier, Putin announced that the number of Russia’s partners in the sphere of military-technical cooperation has exceeded 100 countries and a portfolio of orders for deliveries of Russian weapons abroad remains at over $50 billion.