In Antwerp, prevented an attempted terrorist attack

In the Belgian city of Antwerp prevented the attack. It is reported by

Law enforcement officials managed to seize a car with French plates, inside discovered explosives and weapons.

The car attracted the attention of a patrol, slipped on a red light on one of the intersections. The vehicle was later discovered on one of the Parking lots. The Parking lot is cordoned off by the police at the place of work technicians.

As reported by the local police chief Serge Myiter (Serge Muyters), after a brief chase, the driver was detained in the city centre. He is a citizen of France, North African, his name is not called.

On 9 March in the Belgian town of Wevelgem (West-Flanders) it was detained 24-year-old woman suspected of aiding terrorists. “Intelligence data indicates that this woman was ready to provide assistance to people who were planning to commit a terrorist attack in a European country”, — declared in Prosecutor’s office of the Kingdom.

On 25 January in Brussels were likely detained several militants of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia). Raids and searches were conducted at eight locations in various districts of the Kingdom — Molenbeek, Saerbeck, Anderlecht and Laeken. According to intelligence agencies, the detainees could return from Syria, where he participated in the fighting on the side of the IG.