Identify the best areas for young single travelers

Identify the best areas for young single travelers

Users of BuzzFeed in the survey, named best destinations for single travelers up to 30 years.

The portal based on their responses compiled a list of 17 places in different parts of the world.

In the list of places where not ranked, included, in particular, Croatia. Internet user Jon-Michael Poff told how she traveled alone on the Adriatic coast from Pula in the North to Dubrovnik, where they filmed part of the series “Game of thrones”.

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A man named Croatia the most beautiful place on Earth with wonderful people. “I would recommend this route to anyone completely”, — he said.

The list also included Ireland. A user with the nickname beccaahhh wrote that he had returned from this country a few days ago. This experience she called striking, noting that he was not afraid to travel alone.

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The number of destinations for solo travellers also came to Paris. The user tessh5 said that he came to love this city, spending time in the Louvre, wonderful restaurants, visiting the Eiffel tower and the arc de Triomphe.

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In addition, in the top 17 hit England, Hawaii, Japan, the Italian city of Bologna, Madrid, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Lisbon, South America, New Zealand and other places.

In January it was reported the ranking of the five most deserted tourist destinations in the world. The top 5 included Dushanbe, Sofia, Bucharest, Casablanca and Boston.