CNN learned about the alleged concerted actions of Russia and team trump vs Clinton

Donald Trump

The FBI has information that associates of the President of the United States Donald trump talked with the persons who are alleged to be Russian agents. They allegedly coordinated the publication of information prejudicial to the democratic candidate in the presidential elections of Hillary Clinton. About this CNN has reported us officials.

According to them, the FBI is now analyzing this information, which includes information about people, travels, phone calls and personal meetings. The data are the investigators of the Bureau’s suspicions about the fact that coordination could be. The official warned that the data are not final and that the investigation is ongoing.

On Tuesday, March 21, FBI Director James Comey said his Agency began to investigate the alleged coordination between the campaign staff of trump and the alleged Russian agents.

According to him, the Bureau had assembled a credible argument about wrongdoing or reasonable suspicion that the American could act as the agent of a foreign power.

The white house did not comment on this information, the FBI also declined to comment.

At the beginning of January was published the declassified version of the report prepared by the CIA, FBI and NSA. The paper alleged that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin personally ordered to influence the U.S. presidential election and in order to achieve victory trump, to discredit Clinton. Moscow and the White house these charges are consistently rejected.