British police arrested seven people in connection with the attack at Parliament

British police conducted raids in London and Birmingham in connection with the attack on Parliament. About it reports Reuters.

Arrested seven people, their names and ethnic affiliation were not disclosed. The Deputy head of Scotland Yard’s mark Rowley said that the perpetrator was acting alone.

“At the moment we believe that the attacker acted alone, inspired by the acts of international terrorism — said Rowley. — We do not have any information about possible future threats.”

Police also reported the latest data on victims and wounded. According to Rowley, four people were killed (previously reported five): two passers-by on the bridge (man and woman), a COP got stabbed, and the terrorist. It has been identified, but personal details have not been disclosed.

March 22 at about 14:40 local time (17:40 GMT) in London, a car heading across Westminster bridge, drove on the sidewalk, knocked down there’s a few people and drove to the Parliament building. There the offender was stopped by police. One of the guards he was stabbed but he was shot by another police officer. None of the groups has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.