Adabrowse signatures in its support for the “Great Motherland” asked them to cancel

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The party “Great Motherland” offered to admit to participation in elections of all registered political movement without collection of signatures. With this initiative, the leader of the party Nikolai Starikov appealed to the head of the CEC of Russia, Ella Pamfilova, TASS reported on Thursday, March 23.

“Some officials who evaluate signature quality, makes the political process is complex and unequal, which ultimately leads to the fact that a significant part of the voters coming to the polling stations”, — said the Old man.

He noted that according to the law of the party, who for some time did not participate in the elections, can be eliminated. “There should be no obstacles in the implementation of the functions for which it [the political party] was created,” — said the Elderly.

March 6, Pamfilova said that the representatives of many parties consider it necessary to simplify the system of registration of candidates and organize the collection of signatures.

At the last Duma elections, the CEC refused to register the party “Great Motherland” because of an insufficient number of valid signatures. There were need to collect 200 thousand.

Without collection of signatures can be registered parliamentary parties, with the election to the state Duma more than 3 percent, political movements, and also those who have designated at least one legislative Assembly. In the elections of regional and municipal level from collecting signatures of party members who are represented in local bodies.