The man died because of the explosion of vending machines for tickets at the station Dortmund

A resident of the German city of Dortmund was killed from the explosion of the station vending machine tickets. About it reports The Independent.

The incident occurred on March 21 at two in the morning. “The preliminary investigation suggests that 31-year-old resident of Dortmund tried to hack the machine ticket yet unknown to us”, — said the police.

The guards said that the explosion of the machine separated the front metal panel. She has caused the victim a serious head injury where he died after the arrival of the medics.

Near the site of the incident another man — a friend of the deceased. He claims that were not related to illegal actions.

In December 2015 citizen of Germany died trying to Rob a vending machine with condoms. He, along with his accomplices blew up the car, but was shot in the head with a metal shard.