The liberal democratic party was going to withdraw the “stupid” bill expelled from the party Nosov

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The LDPR faction in the state Duma is planning to withdraw the bill on the ban on travel abroad for police officers, developed by the former Deputy Dmitry Nosov. This was announced by the leader of the liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky, reports TASS on Wednesday, March 22.

“We will try to revoke this stupid law,” — said the politician. In his view, the ban on travel abroad will be the first of a family of police officers.

“The wife wants to go to Turkey, and it is impossible”, — said Zhirinovsky.

He also stressed that the development of such legislative initiatives is one of the reasons for the exclusion of the country from the ranks of the liberal Democrats in the June 2016 year (when it was noted that he became interested in self-promotion and the creation of a “personal guard”).

The bill about restriction on travel abroad for police officers were introduced to the state Duma in November 2015. In the explanatory note to the document it was noted that this will contribute to combating corruption.

Dmitry Nosov, honored master of sports in judo and Sambo, the bronze prize-winner of Olympic games in Athens. 4 Dec 2011 he was elected Deputy of the state Duma on the party list of LDPR from Krasnoyarsk region. According to the results of the September elections noses could not be re-elected to the lower house of Parliament.