Putin said about the possibilities to increase Russians ‘ life expectancy to 76 years

Vladimir Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the country’s reserves to increase life expectancy of the population. His words leads to “Interfax” on Tuesday, March 21.

“There is every possibility that, by 2025, to increase life expectancy in Russia is 76 years, significantly reduce the mortality of working age,” — said the head of state, speaking at a meeting of the Council for strategic development and priority projects.

The President reminded that over the past twelve years, the life expectancy has increased in Russia on average six and a half years — “from 65.4 in 2005 to 71,87 in 2016”. “During this time, infant mortality decreased from 10.2 to six per 1,000 births, and in January of 5.1 was recorded,” — said the Russian leader.

3 Feb “Communists of Russia” proposed to dismiss the governors for the lack of natural population growth in the region. According to Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the party Yaroslav Sidorov, if the power in the region cannot solve the problem, “no other it will not solve the problem.”

On 23 December last year, Putin announced that the country decreased mortality.

In the summer of 2016 Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Institute of demography, migration and regional development Yuri Krupnov said that Russia by 2025 awaits deeper than in the 1990-ies, a demographic hole.