Prosecutors in France have opened an investigation against the head of the interior Ministry

Bruno Le Roux

Financial prosecutors in France opened a preliminary investigation against the Minister of internal Affairs, Bruno Le Roux. It is reported BFMTV.

The case opened to verify the information published in the newspaper Quotidien (“day after Day”) that Le Roux was employed his daughters as helpers at a time when I was a member of the National Assembly (the lower house of Parliament) in the period from 2009 to 2016.

At the time of signing the first employment contract of the eldest daughter was 15 years younger at the time of signing the first contract -16. It clarifies the channel, according to the current legislation, the minimum age for work is 16 years. However, this rule does not apply if the teenager is in direct subordination of a close relative.

Girls worked as parliamentary assistants father, mainly during school holidays, but in some cases the time of their employment in the National Assembly coincided with a period of classes in high school.

The total amount of payments from the state Treasury amounted to 55 thousand euros.

Bruno Le Roux was appointed head of the interior Ministry on 6 December 2016. Up to this point was the leader of the faction of the party of socialists in Parliament.