Milon asked Chaika to check the activity of the Masonic societies

Photo: RIA Novosti State Duma Deputy Vitaly Milonov (“United Russia”) asked the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to check the activities of Masonic communities operating on the territory of Russia, follows from the text of the appeal at the disposal of RIA Novosti. According to the MP, in Russia there is a wide variety of social and political organizations and at the same time introduced the rule that no foreign multinational or organization has the right to engage in political activity and to interfere in the internal political processes. Meanwhile, drew attention to the Gulls Milonov, Russia is completely free and without any restrictions, there are so-called “Masonic Lodge”, which attempt to interfere in the internal politics, and their individual prominent members tried to participate in elections for the highest elected office of our country. “It’s no secret that the Masonic order is one of the oldest international political organizations. According

The head of the MIA of Russia has arrived in Beijing

Photo: RIA Novosti The head of the MIA of Russia Vladimir Kolokoltsev arrived on a working visit to China, where he is scheduled to meet with the Minister of public security (MOB) of China Guo Shinkunas. This was reported by the official representative of Department Irina Wolf. “Today the Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation General of police Vladimir Kolokoltsev arrived in Beijing,” said the Wolf RIA Novosti. According to her, the Minister will hold a meeting with Shinkunas, as well as visit the center of anti-drug propaganda, MOB, PRC, and the tourist police unit of the city of Sanya on Hainan island. Earlier, the Minister conveyed to President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega a message from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Zakharova called the situation Samoilova moment of truth for the European community

Maria Zakharova © Artyom Geodakyan/TASS MOSCOW, March 22. /TASS/. The prohibition by the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on entry to Ukraine the participant of “Eurovision” from Russia Yulia Samoilova is the moment of truth for the European community. This opinion was expressed by the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on his page in social network Facebook. “I think that now the moment of truth for the European community: will it on about SBU and motivates Ukrainian radicals to further “exploits”… or will you argue that Europe, with its basic values, which, by the way, the words always spoken Ukrainian politics, are still alive,” – said the diplomat. “All the power of the SBU in recent days was aimed at proof of the axiom “the law one for all”, – said Zakharov. – Somehow triggered this thesis is on the territory of Ukraine but with Russian singer.

Putin submitted to the state Duma the candidacy of the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina to extend the powers

Putin submitted to the state Duma the candidacy of the head of the Central Bank Nabiullina to extend the powers Elvira Nabiullina, the head of the Bank of Russia in 2013. Moscow. March 22. INTERFAX.RU — Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he intends to submit to the state Duma the candidacy of Elvira Nabiullina for the extension of its powers at the head of the Central Bank for a new term. “I intend to submit your candidacy to the State Duma for the next term as President of the Central Bank”, — said the head of state at a meeting with Nabiullina. Putin hopes that the Central Bank under the leadership of Nabiullina “will act the same regardless, so surely will behave” At the meeting, Nabiullina said that the financial sector as a whole was adapting to the “new economic conditions”. According to her, 2014-2015, has been difficult for

The killer became a candidate in municipal elections in Finland

The killer became a candidate in municipal elections in Finland A man who committed 30 years ago, hard murder, became a candidate in municipal elections in Finland. The candidate from the party “True Finns” was a former prisoner sentenced in the 80-ies of the last century to life in prison. It is known that he was convicted of murder committed with extreme stiffness, and a series of attempts to repeat the crime. However, in the 90-ies of the man personally pardoned at that time the President of Finland Mauno Koivisto. According to the Finnish legislation the reasons for refusal to register a candidate was not found. Unusual candidate does not hide her dark past, but the Finnish journalists did not disclose to him personally for ethical reasons. “True Finns” also declined to comment on this precedent. The municipal election will be held in Finland on 9 April.

The new President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier sworn in

The new President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier sworn in BERLIN, March 22 — RIA Novosti, Tatiana Firsova. The new President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier, elected on February 12, on Wednesday took the oath of office in the Bundestag, at a ceremony in the plenary hall was attended by former President Joachim gauck with his partner Daniela Schadt. Candidacy for President earlier in the year suggested that the ruling German coalition. In June the current President of the country, a human rights activist and pastor from the GDR, gauck said he did not want to nominate his candidacy in the next presidential term, explaining the decision to age. Gauck was born in 1940, with a high degree of probability he was re-elected on this post. Steinmeier deputies chosen by the majority of votes for his candidacy voted 931 person, there was a total of 1 thousand 239 valid votes of members

German new President has devoted his first speech Erdogan

Frank-Walter Steinmeier The newly elected President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier has devoted his first speech Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. About it reports Reuters. “We are looking at Turkey with concern: everything that has been accumulated in our relations for decades is crumbling right before our eyes, — said Steinmeier at the inauguration ceremony. President Erdogan, you endanger all that is created together with other people”. The President of Germany also asked Erdogan to be careful in the words: “Stop comparing us to Nazis, it’s terrible. Do not tear those who want to cooperate with Turkey. Respect the laws and freedom of the press and journalists, and free at last Denise Judges!” Relations between Germany and Turcia escalated in early March 2017. Turkish officials had planned to hold a series of rallies in a number of EU countries where Turkish citizens: they had intended to enlist their support ahead of

Near the British Parliament fired people

Wounded during the shelling Continued: Became known the details of the terrorist attack at the British Parliament On Westminster bridge near the British Parliament shooting occurred, according to Reuters. According to the photographer of the Agency, appeared on the scene, injuring more than a dozen people. In addition, journalists argue that on the bridge are a few injured, bleeding. The leader of the house of Commons, David Lidington also told the deputies about the assault on a police officer on the territory near the Parliament. According to him, the attacker wounded the guard with a knife, then was shot. Whether these incidents is not specified. Photo: Toby Melville / Reuters 1/3 The deputies who are in the Palace of Westminster, is forbidden to leave it, reports BBC News. The Parliament building and the adjacent area blocked by the armed forces.

Montenegrin arms suppliers suspected of supplying weapons IG

Media reported that the Prosecutor’s office of Montenegro began checking the largest arms exporting country — the company MDI (Montenegro Defence Industry). She is suspected of illicit arms and ammunition. This information was published by Balkan Insight, citing the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN). The result, as stated, check the so-called end-user certificates — the documents certifying that the sold weapons reached the buyer, and was not smuggled to another country. The head of the MDI Zoran Damjanovic categorically denies all charges. The investigation started at the request of the opposition Deputy nebojša Medovich, who argues that the MDI with the knowledge of a number in power of politicians has supplied weapons to militants in the middle East. The basis of his version went to the official figures of sales of arms to Saudi Arabia. According to them, Montenegro only for the year 2016 was sold to the Saudis 132

“Black lumberjack” in the Amur region crashed into a tree and died

Truck with “black woodcutters” crashed into a tree in the Skovorodino district of the Amur region, one person was killed. About it reports on Wednesday, March 22, RIA Novosti with reference to the center of the civil protection and fire security of the region. According to preliminary data, the truck ZIL-131 brakes failed, he swerved off the hill and crashed. In total, the car was four people. Two received minor injuries, one was hospitalized. “Black loggers” — people involved in the illegal felling of trees. Their activity is a criminal offense regulated by article 260 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (“Illegal felling of forest plantations”). In may 2016 in Perm traffic police officer was killed during a pursuit of a violator, he crashed his official vehicle into a tree. Partner police officer was hospitalized with injuries.