Fillon suspected fraud aggravated

Francois Fillon

Candidate for President of the country Francois Fillon suspected fraud with aggravating circumstances and the use of forged documents. On Tuesday, March 21, the newspaper Le Monde.

According to the publication, the national financial Prosecutor’s office on 16 March demanded the investigation to expand the case against the couple Fillon. The petition was granted, betrays RIA Novosti.

The investigators find out, could wife to use forged documents to justify the wages of a politician’s wife, Penelope Fillon.

To this conclusion, the newspaper said, investigators have come after studying of the documents found during the searches, which took place at the National Assembly in March. As specified, in various statements, signed by Penelope Fillon, and contains different data about working hours.

On 17 March it was reported that investigators interested in the origin of several magnificent costumes, the purchase of which was paid for by an anonymous friend of Fillon. Starting in 2012 the gift giver spent on clothing policy purchased in a luxury boutique Arnys in Paris, 48,5 thousand euros. Law enforcement officials suggest that the suits could be a kind of payment for some services provided by Fillon. As noted, he faces charges of “influence peddling”.

March 14, against the Fillon was opened a formal investigation in connection with the bogus employment of his wife and children.

March 5, Penelope Fillon told that her work on the husband were of a technical nature. “I helped his Secretary. I cooked for my husband notes and memos about what is happening in his constituency Sarthe. I did something like press reviews” she said. In addition, the politician’s wife added that he participated in the preparation of public speaking spouse, editing his speech.

In late January, newspaper Le Canard enchaîné had published material in which it was alleged that for several years, the fake Penelope was listed as an assistant to her husband, at a time when he was a member of the national Assembly (lower house of Parliament), for which he received remuneration in the amount of 500 thousand euros.

Later, the amount obtained by allegedly illegal means has increased to 900 thousand Euro, and accusations of fictitious work in his father was put forward as to the son and daughter visit.