25 years later. The program “Around laughter” returns to the air

25 years later. The program “Around laughter” returns to the air

Legendary comic program of the Soviet television will appear again on the screens April 1.

One of the most popular projects of the national television in 1980-ies will be back on the air. As have informed “the First channel”, TV viewers will again see on their screens the program “Around the laughter”.

“After 25 years since the airing of the last issue of the First channel is reviving the legendary program “Around laughter”. Soon will be broadcast 39 program. Leading the new program will be known comedian and actor Efim Shifrin”, — stated in the message.

The program will meet past and present: a satirical monologue of stand-up, theatre, miniature and sketch, musical numbers and parodies of modern complex plastic make-up. And viewers will be able to see the classic comic from a vast archive programmers release

Among the old members the new program will be Mikhail Boyarsky, Nikolai Valuev, Larisa Dolina, Yury Galtsev and others.

The first broadcast of the revived program will take place on 1 April 2017.

“Around the laughter”: a classic of Soviet teleomere 1980s

For the first time the program “Around the laughter” was aired in 1978. According to the authors, its main characters were to become the sponsors of the club “12 chairs” of “Literary newspaper”. The program was called “Around the laughter” — a paraphrase on the then popular magazine “Vokrug Sveta”.

The leading program was the poet-parodist Alexander Ivanov.

The transfer occurred to the audience to taste, and the participation in it was considered very prestigious for both comedians and musicians. The popularity of the program is evidenced by this fact — its constant set to air on new years eve, December 31.

Aired 38 original episodes of the programme. Changes in the country led to the fact that the style of “Around the laughter” has ceased to meet the spirit of the time. Attempts leading to abandon intelligent style in favor of political acuity only worsened the situation — it alienated loyal fans and new fans showed up.

As a result, in 1991, the program was closed. Host of “Around the laughter” Alexander Ivanov died in 1996.

Periodically a variety of TV channels used separate rooms of the old gear, but about the revival of the project of the question. And now the program “Around the laughter” makes an attempt of revival.

If the audience is old a new project?

This is the second “reanimation” of the popular Comedy show “the First channel” for the last time. Earlier, after a five year hiatus aired back show “ProjectorParisHilton”. The project re-appeared on screen on March 4, 2017 in the “gold” composition leading: Ivan Urgant, Garik Martirosyan, Alexander Tsekalo and Sergei Svetlakov.

However it should be noted that this time the task is much more difficult — “ProjectorParisHilton” compared to “Around the laughter” was absent in the air for a relatively short time, and returned with the same composition all also popular the leading.

“Around the laughter” was not in the air for 25 years. Even the legendary KVN after its closure in the 1970s, back on screens after 14 years. The main question is whether the new version of the transmission to earn the trust of those who are nostalgic for the good old “Around the laughter”, as well as to attract the attention of a young audience.

Task, no doubt, ambitious, and what happens, we will soon see.