The passenger in Domodedovo withdrew the order and coins on 7 million roubles

In Moscow’s Domodedovo airport at the passenger, who arrived from Zurich, withdrew the order and old coins with a total value of more than 7 million rubles. On Tuesday, March 21, reports TV channel “360”.

The woman was stopped after passing the “green corridor”. Customs officers found in her suitcase order of the White eagle, the Imperial order of St. Anna, and three coins of the Russian Empire — ruble 1818 and 1881 years and a half of 1839. It is noted that all these values had not been declared.

The woman said that the coins and medals bought on eBay, her father, and she doesn’t know their value.

According to Вести.Ru at the end of February in Sheremetyevo were detained a Russian woman, carrying 12 thousand jewelry and expensive stones. 41-year-old woman who arrived from India, tried to go through the “green corridor”. To the customs officers did not notice a cart with a lot of Luggage, the lady put on bags of the child. Despite this, she was arrested. Russian woman told customs officers that he had brought decorations for their friends.