The new Zealand school was allowed to form without distinction of gender

The new Zealand school was allowed to form without distinction of gender

All secondary school pupils in Dunedin in New Zealand — both boys and girls can now wear the same uniform, without gender differences. School was canceled skirts and dresses, instead of typing them shorts, pants or kilt.

The decision was made by the leadership of the school, after the archaic gender-based approach to school uniform criticized students.

In high school, Dunedin studying more than 200 children aged 10 to 13 years. At the end of the 2015 student of the school complained that they are obliged to wear skirts. At school the girls agreed, allowing them to wear trousers.

Next year the student began to walk in pants, but those pants, which was supposed to carry the rules of the school were made with the expectation of boys. It students also did not like.

“The first change in the approach to the school uniform looked like some sort of punishment,” recalls school Director Heidi Hayward.

“We said, OK, you don’t need to wear skirts, but you need to wear then a boyish shape, which looks very boyish, and it eventually caused a lot of jokes on the topic, the boy is or a girl,” she says.

Now the form has stopped to be a gender differences and became unified.

Both boys and girls can choose from five variants of clothes: shorts, long shorts, kilt, trousers or culottes

Yet none of the disciples chose the kilt, says the Director, but if you choose, “it will be fine.” According to Hayward, the disciples of the new form of happy, although some parents innovation confused.

In 2016, school uniform no gender differences were introduced in some schools in the UK.