The COP returned the jury for older men

The COP returned the jury for older men

MOSCOW, 20 Mar — RIA Novosti. The constitutional court decided to return the possibility of selecting jury men who have attained the age of 65.

The case was considered without a public hearing, and the decision is based on previous legal positions of the court.

Thus, the COP listened to the arguments of the resident of Rostov Victor Labusov, convicted of a double murder. Previously, he insisted on trial by jury, but was refused because he committed a crime in 66 years.

By law, men 18 to 65 years and women over the age of 18 accused of the same crime under similar conditions not only have the right to consideration of their case by a jury, but may choose either a jury or a panel of three judges.

Labusov considered that such a situation is contrary to the constitutional principle of equality guaranteed for all, regardless of gender, race and nationality, and appealed to the constitutional court.

The COP listened to the arguments Labusova and decided to return the jury to elderly men.

Case Labusova sent for review.