The authorities of Arkhangelsk explained parquet on the roads

In the administration of Arkhangelsk explained the appearance in the wooden pavement, which the locals mistook for parquet, RIA Novosti reported.

“It’s not the flooring — just a Board laid on wooden pallets in an unusual way, that is a Christmas tree. Subsequently, this coating will be transferred to other sites for the convenience of residents of the city”, — explained the head a press-services of city administration Igor Atapin.

According to him, a temporary sidewalk will provide access to the objects used during the forum “the Arctic — territory of dialogue”. Currently it is mounted on a 80 percent.

According to Atapin, despite the fact that most of the roads in Arkhangelsk asphalt, from-for climatic features in the city also applied plank sidewalk paving. “Wooden bridge with no sidewalk — it’s kind of a tourist brand of Arkhangelsk” — he said.

March 20 users group “Arkhangelsk life” in “Vkontakte” drew attention to the fact that on one of the streets laid parquet floor instead of asphalt. The path leads from the Maritime station and ends in front of the crosswalk on Trinity Avenue to the main building, Northern (Arctic) Federal University.

The forum “the Arctic — territory of dialogue” will be held in Arkhangelsk on March 29-30. The main theme of the form will be “Man in the Arctic.” The event is expected about 1.5 thousand participants from 14 countries, including the UK, Denmark, Iceland, China, Norway, USA, Switzerland and Japan.